Social Media

As a kid, I always wanted to be a writer. My favorite thing about writing is coming up with a story and seeing it through to the very end.

I’ve realized that now, when I’m working on a novel or managing social media accounts, what I love most is just getting that story out there.

Whether it’s the story of a community I belong to, an organization that I work for, or a personal project that I’m working on, I am passionate about sharing the messages that matter.

Parenting and Family

I have partnered with numerous blogs, sites, and social media accounts to create, share, and promote content related to parenting, motherhood, and family life. As a regular panelist for MotherHustle, I contributed monthly posts about themes such as family travel, going back to school, mom guilt, and screen time! For Mamalode and Hyland’s, I have written blog posts and taken part in social media takeovers – creating themed posts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and IGTV.



I was one of the first Home Exchange reporters on Instagram! My family loves home exchanging so I was excited to share our love for traveling this way by posting multiple stories about our trip daily to Home’s Instagram.

Passion Passport

As a Twitter chat host, I posted a series of provided questions and interacted with those who were following along – liking, retweeting, and commenting on people’s responses at lightning speed to keep the conversation going!

Literary Arts

Pangyrus Literary Magazine

As a social media assistant for Pangyrus, I am working with the editorial and social media teams to promote the magazine’s original content on Facebook and Twitter, as well as curating literary content from around the web. I also contribute to the monthly newsletter!