…and the livin’s easy!

I mean, it’s actually pretty busy. I didn’t think the crazy mom calendar would start so soon – the kid is only four – but man, between vacation, summer camp, my upcoming school trip, my husband’s upcoming work trip, and swim lessons… This summer is flying by pretty fast!

We spent just over a week in Barcelona last month. A week was definitely not enough time, but we had a lot of fun exploring as much of the city as we could! You can read more on Go With The Goodwins.

Harvard last year

I have the summer off this year, except for a three-week workshop coming up. It includes a week-long writer’s residency on campus. I’m kind of nervous (it’s the longest I’ve ever been away from the kiddo!) but I’m also really excited about this trip!

Since I don’t have any school work due at the moment, I’m currently sifting through the mess that I made of book number 6. I wrote it last year. (A year ago?! Already???) I used it as the premise for the TV script I wrote for school last semester. Then I dismantled it so that I could rewrite it. I’m in the middle of doing that now, and whew… I’ve never torn a book apart like I have this one. Once I cut out the now-irrelevant chunks, rearranged pages, and took all my notes, I stepped away for a while because I wasn’t sure where to start. The ideas are all in my head, but trying to get them on paper was daunting. And it’s summer. And I have been totally lacking in motivation.

Until I looked at the calendar one day, and realized that, hello, it’s almost JULY. An entire month, poof! Gone.

So I sat down in the living room, spread my chapters out all over the floor, took more notes, rearranged some more, organized my thoughts, and created my plan of attack. I’m about 30,000 words in so far and feeling good. Still have about 18 chapters to get through, some of which I will be rewriting from ground zero. But that’s okay… I’m enjoying it. I’m busy all day. I’m sleeping great at night. (Hasn’t happened in ages.) That’s what writing does. It makes me so happy, but it wears me out!


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