Coming to Channillo!

Besides working on a couple (very different) projects for school and trying to work my way through book #6 revisions, I was asked not long ago if I would consider writing a series for Channillo. I checked it out and thought it sounded pretty cool, kind of like Netflix for books! I contemplated taking book #6 and just running with it there, but the rewrites are so crazy, I decided to come up with something new. (I mean, why not?! What’s one more writing project!?)

I pitched my idea and the series was accepted. I’m hoping to publish installments every other week beginning in mid-late April. I’m trying to get ahead of my posting schedule and have been having fun coming up with Beth’s story.

Check out The Last First Date!

Last First Date

Beth Mulligan is single and kinda, maybe, possibly, ready to mingle. The recently divorced English teacher is all set to spend her summer relaxing and repairing her broken heart, but her friends and family have other plans. Her best friend Jen sets her up on one awkward blind date after another. Her well-meaning brother tries to hook her up with some of his friends – at his bachelor party. Even her dad suggests she start swiping away at a dating app.

As Beth spends the summer meeting and going out with new guys, her dates don’t always go as planned. In fact, most of the dates are awkward, comical, and downright disappointing. Still, once Beth gets back into the dating game, she’s hopeful that the next guy is the right guy and that their first date… will be her last first date.

Basically, each story will be another one of Beth’s disastrous dates… until she finally finds the one… and goes on her last first date!

You can read the first installment free! Channillo subscribers can read the whole thing. It’s only $4.99/month for access to all the Channillo series. All different genres, all different authors.


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