Spring Break Update and a new project!

It’s Spring Break! Time to get crazy!

Just kidding, I’m a mom.

So… a few months after I finished Starting From Scratch, I got this idea for another story that I wanted to write, but I was somewhere in my second semester of school, taking two classes, and I kept starting and stopping and then finally just trying to cobble some notes together so that if I decided to get serious about writing the story I could be super organized about it… and then the sleeplessness started.

Oh, the ideas. They just would not quit. I knew I had to get this story out or it would just keep bugging me.

For Mother’s Day, my super-awesome-thoughtful husband got me this novel planner. It was just what I needed to help me get my story organized. I mapped everything out. And I told myself that I would do my own NaNoWriMo in June. I would give myself some time off once classes ended in May, and then I’d get to work. I was taking a class over the summer, and we were traveling, but I wanted to see if I could bang the story out in like a month because it had been on my mind for so long.

I finished it on August 3, 2018.

And I’ve sat on it ever since. Haven’t reread it. I figured I would get around to editing it this summer.

EXCEPT… I decided to use it as the basis for the TV series I’m writing about in my TV class. I only have to write the script for the show’s pilot, but I started thinking…

If this was an actual TV show, what would it look like? What else would happen? How could I keep this story going?

And, oh my God, I haven’t slept right since the semester started.

Okay, that could maybe be the hormones or stress talking, but seriously… I try to go to sleep and think up some other new plot twist or story line every night. The rewrites on this story are going to be nuts. I have pages and pages of notes and ideas. So many ideas. I can’t freaking wait to get started!

And on top of that… I have a series coming to Channillo soon!

And there’s school stuff, of course.

It’s going to be a crazy spring break!

And by that, I mean… I’m going to be writing like crazy!

Currently reading: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Listening: Snow Patrol – Wildness
(Binge-)Watching: Parenthood


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