What Order Do I Read These In?


One question I get asked a lot is what order people should read my books in?

The thing is, even though they’re not a series, you’ll end up finding that sometimes major characters from one book end up becoming minor characters in another book, or a minor character in one book ends up being a major character in another book.

With that being said, I’d read them in the order I wrote them. If you go out of order you might read something about a character you didn’t want to know just yet!

Start with Here We Go. It’s the story of Sam and Julia and their boyfriends/ex-boyfriends and their guy-friends who want to be more than just friends.

My next book, The One Who Got Away, is the story of Lucy and Jackson, high school sweethearts who find their way back to each other years later, only to learn that each of them is now involved with other people. Lucy’s best friend is Kate.

Kate is the main character of my third book, One of the Guys. Kate is an event planner who works for Julia, from Here We Go. (See what I mean? These people are everywhere.)

My fourth book is Clarissa Jean, Homecoming Queen. It’s the story of a woman who ditches her long-term boyfriend and heads back to the small town where she grew up. She tries to reconnect with her old friends – Cooper, Justin, and Polly, to name a few.

My newest release, Starting from Scratch, is all about Cookie. Cookie is Clarissa Jean’s sister, and they live in a small town, so if you’ve read CJHQ, then you’ll probably recognize a bunch of names in this one!

You can pre-order Starting from Scratch now! It will be automatically delivered to your Kindle on April 20th! And don’t forget it to add it to your Goodreads list!

Check out some of the interviews I’ve done recently for Starting with Scratch!

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