Growing Pains

Sometime last week, I was sitting at my desk in the office, writing, and I felt a strange, sharp pain in my groin. While I was just sitting in my chair. It was a deep twinge, almost as if the bones in my right hip and thigh were grinding together, and it came out of nowhere. I tried to think of what I’d done to cause such a pain. I had gone for a walk through the neighborhood that morning, but that was it, just a walk. I hadn’t been running. I hadn’t tripped or stumbled or lost my balance or done anything to tweak a muscle or anything.

But suddenly, it hurt like hell. Was I sitting wrong? I have terrible posture, so I could understand that making my back hurt, or even my neck, but… my… hip? Thigh? Groin? Pelvis? What in the world had I done?

I chalked it up to just getting older, but man, did it suck when the kid woke up from his nap. Just getting up off the couch or the floor to fetch fruit snacks and play cars caused me to wince. I tried stretching my legs and hips, but nothing seemed like it was helping to ease any of the pain. If anything, it was getting worse – a searing pain from way up at the top of the inside of my thigh down my butt and the outside of my leg. WTF.

I tried spraying some BioFreeze on the area. It didn’t really work. Let’s just say that’s not an area that you really want to go numb. I finally downed some ibuprofen and that seemed to help.

Thankfully, the next day, it was reduced to a dull ache, and the day after that, it was gone.

So weird, right?

Fast forward to tonight… I was lying in bed, trying to get comfortable, when one of our cats came and decided that she was going to use my pelvis as a pillow. Fine. Didn’t bother me. If I rolled over, she’d go, too. But then, there was something about the way my hip/thigh had rotated open…

That caused the mysterious pain started to come back.

I laid there for awhile, trying to figure out what the hell I’d done now that would have made my leg hurt. I thought about the way my hip/thigh/leg was positioned when it started to ache, and honestly, just tried to remember another time my leg turned out that way. It’s not like that’s a normal position. I might have been lying like that (because I was flat on my back with a cat lying on top of me) but it wasn’t really a natural way to sit or stand or…

And then it dawned on me.

That is how I stand. When I pick up the kid, I always hold him on my left hip. And in doing so, I shift all my weight to the right foot, and pivot that hip.

It’s not like I hold the kid all the time. He’s not a “Carry me!!!!” kinda kid. But when I do… it’s always in the same position.

Sure enough, a quick look at the Google machine and I’m reading all about pelvic girdle pain and other mom injuries. I’m going to need to start working out. I’m going to have to start switching hips. He’s getting so big. Pretty soon, I won’t be able to hold him at all!

Not only does it hurt, it’s kind of breaking my heart.

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