June Update

Hello from Canada!

We arrived in Ottawa on the 29th and will be staying ’til the 14th. We have already been to the farmer’s market, two museums, a farm, a splash pad, and a hockey tournament, as well as the Canada Day festivities around town!

Summer school started for me last week. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday nights and I’ll be working on school work all through our vacation. One week down, six more to go! Also, I got my official acceptance letter from school, so that was a proud moment!


I really did try to work on my summer goals throughout the month of June.

I’m at around 42,000 words on the novel I’m working on, still hoping to finish near the end of July. Fingers crossed… Since getting to Ottawa, it’s been hard finding the time/energy to write! Trying to remember that I am on vacation, after all!

I’ve done a lot of reading. I had more than one book going at once, something I don’t normally like to do. I finished all three of the memoirs that I was reading and am currently working on All The Light We Cannot See – and am completely sucked in. I’m amazed at how the different POVs and timelines weave in and out throughout the story.

I did cheat a little bit… I said I wasn’t going to binge-watch any TV or anything but then I saw that the last season of The Ranch was on Netflix. Oops. The shows are short, only 20-30 minutes, so at least it didn’t take me long!

I’ve also been pretty good about getting up early in the morning to go walking. I’ve dropped a couple pounds but it always seems to find its way back. There are lots of trails and parks around where we’re staying in Ottawa so I’ve been exploring; don’t think I’ve walked the same route yet. But man, has it been hot here! Some of the hottest temps ever on record for Ottawa!

I’ve been working on Go With The Goodwins and added some posts about our trip to Canada. So far we’ve done several of the things on my little bucket list.

Also! I have some exciting news! I have been asked to join MotherHustle as a regular panelist. I’m so excited because I have written several posts for MotherHustle and I love everything that the community stands for! If you’re a creative mom, you need to check it out!

Reading: All The Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr

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