March Update

Hey everybody! I’ve been super busy editing my work in progress and am so happy with how it’s going! It’s been a little nuts trying to balance writing, school, and chasing after #ToddlerGoodwin but I feel like I’ve found my groove! I’m so happy!

Looking for Motivation, Mama_ Look to What You Love - by Jessica Goodwin for MotherHustle

Earlier this month, I wrote a post for MotherHustle about motivation. As a mom, I read a lot of parenting/mom blogs and websites, but this site is way more than that – it’s a great place for creative mompreneurs to share their triumphs and tragedies not just in their personal lives, but in their businesses as well! The posts are insightful and inspiring and I’m always so excited to see my words included alongside the words of so many other brilliant, talented women! In this post I talk about quitting your day job to do what you love!

This month, I participated in #PitMad on Twitter. It’s funny how I can pound out a short story or chip away at a 90,000 word novel, but whoa… trying to condense everything you want to say about your book into 280 characters is tough!

I might not have had any success with #PitMad, but I did find some agents to query. We’ll see. Querying requires as much research, thought, and time as writing the actual book.

On top of all this work, I’ve been writing short stories and reading like crazy for class. I’m halfway through one class already, and another one just started… only 6 weeks to go ’til this semester is over!

Reading: With or Without You by Domenica Ruta (One of my classes is on social justice and memoirs so I’m really enjoying memoirs right now!) and Men We Reaped by Jesmyn Ward.

Listening: Songs of Experience – U2 (Going to see them for the third time this June!)

What are you reading? Comment and let me know, especially if you have any good memoir suggestions!


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