February Update

Surprise! New year, new website/blog… again. I was so fed up with the unfriendliness of my previous platform that I ended up deleting it and moving my domain over to WordPress, which I’m way more comfortable with. There might be some tweaks and updates as I figure out what I want this baby to look like, but this is home! For good.

I finally finished my work in progress. I participated in #KissPitch on Valentine’s Day, mostly just to try my hand at writing a Twitter pitch and to see what types of romance manuscripts were getting interest. It seemed like the most popular pitches were for things like fantasy/werewolf/Death/fae/mystery/super steamy books. I did get a few nibbles, one of which ended up being a pass. The other one I haven’t heard back from. That’s okay. We’ll see what happens with #PitMad in March! Wish me luck!

I got the most awesome review on Amazon earlier this month. It said:
Screenshot (1)

Thanks, Jennifer, whoever you are! Your message really made my day. I’m working on getting that new book out there as we speak!

Reading: Half the Way Home – Adam Hochschild
Listening: Show Me Your Fangs – Matt Nathanson


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