November Update

NaNo-2017-Winner-Twitter-HeaderI did it! Somehow, I managed to write 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month! I know there are some people who love it and do it every year, and I know there are some people who think the event basically causes writers to vomit out 50,000 words of junk just for the sake of “winning”… but I use it to hold me accountable. I definitely didn’t FINISH in a month, but I got a big chunk written down and it will motivate me to finish in the next couple months. (I hope.)

Thankfully, I had the whole story all planned out; all I needed to do was sit down and write it. But I had some serious obstacles in my way. For one thing, I’m taking a writing class, so anything school-related had to come first. We also moved at the end of the October, so our house constantly has contractors and construction people coming and going, trying to finish things up. Still. It’s been a month. And there’s still drilling and sawing and nail-gunning happening as I write this. And then, you know, I have a toddler, so it’s not like I can sit at the computer and just let him run amok. So any #NaNoWriMo writing was basically limited to when the kid was at preschool, nap time, or after the kid went to bed… if all my homework was done.

There were a couple days where zero writing happened and I eventually fell behind. Part of me thought, okay, seriously, maybe this is too much. I’m only taking one class right now but I’m signed up for two in the spring, and if that’s my number one priority, maybe this book just won’t get written. But then I also thought… how can I just let a notebook full of outlines and character descriptions sit?! The whole thing is right there, just waiting to be written. And I can ditch the working title – the perfect title finally came to me. FINALLY!

So I stayed up a late a couple nights and wrote as much as I could when the kid was sleeping or at preschool. On November 28th, I crossed the finish line with 50,036 words. I had written about 3,000 words while the kid was at school and while he napped, so I only had another 1,700 or so to go after he went to bed that night. I was on quite a writing streak, so I figured I could knock it out before I went to bed. And I did. Boom!

But that doesn’t mean the story is finished. Oh, no. I still have a long way to go. I also still have one last paper and a short story to write for my class… I’ll concentrate on those before picking up where I left off with my #NaNoWriMo project.

But then I’ve got a month before class starts… and I can’t wait to finish this book!

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