October Update

Um… Where did October go? It seems like this month flew by… which is just fine by me because we’re moving! Things are beginning to wrap up at our house and we should be able to move in next week! It will be so good to be back home!

This month we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. And by celebrated, I mean my husband was at the house accepting furniture deliveries and waiting on the cable guy and I was at the apartment doing laundry and packing. Super romantic!

School is going really well; I’m working on a short story for my class about our experience with losing our house. I might eventually share it here on the website! I’ve also been doing a ton of reading for class. I read and loved “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” by Karen Russell and “The Last Meal” by Michael Paterniti. I’m currently working my way through Close Range: Wyoming Stories by Annie Proulx (where “Brokeback Mountain” came from) and am building a massive TBR list.

Class has also been very energizing for my personal writing. I’ve gotten all of my work in progress outlined and started working on it again… but I plan on using next month to really get moving! That’s right, I’m doing National Novel Writing Month again. It’s what first got me started writing several years ago, and with everything I’ve got going on, I figured this will help hold me accountable. I have the story all mapped out and it’s ready to go… I just need to make the time to write. I figured out a writing schedule that I think should help me get my 1,667 words (OR MORE!) a day… I just have to stick to it! My plan is to get up an hour earlier so that I can work on NaNoWriMo before #ToddlerGoodwin gets up. Then when he’s at preschool or napping, I plan to work on school work or other projects. After he goes to bed, it’s time to read!

I’ve also been fiddling with the look of the website and the blog. I deleted my old Blogger blog and moved everything over to Wix, where my website is, so that everything was all in one place. Except I wasn’t happy with how the blog turned out on Wix – I didn’t find their blog editing to be very user-friendly) so now, here I am on WordPress!

Before I go, I recently set up a Linktree so you can see all my links in one spot! So cool! Check it out!


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