September Update

Summer is finally over and with fall comes… salted caramel hot chocolates (I’m not a pumpkin spice fan) and back to school time!

I just began my journey towards my master’s degree (creative writing and literature) with Harvard Extension School and so far, I am loving it! I’m only taking one class this term, but might try two in the spring. We’ll see. I’m really enjoying being a student and discussing our readings and our work with my classmates. The class has reenergized me and I’m trying to figure out how to balance my schoolwork with working on my current WIP, Cookie. (If you subscribe to my newsletter, you get a free sneak peek!)

Right before school started, I tagged along with my husband on his business trip to Boston so I could visit Cambridge and check out the campus! We had a great time touring the city and visiting with some high school and college friends who live in the area.

Over the summer, I did some work with my local newspaper, the Falls Church News Press. I wrote a feature article about a local church that regularly helps those less fortunate in our community and I interviewed a local resident who appears regularly on Antiques Roadshow. I hope to work with the FCNP more in the future.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some great parenting blogs! I’ve had pieces posted on Tribe MagazineMamalode, and Mother Hustle. In addition, I tried all summer to keep up with our family travel blog, Go With The Goodwins. We’ve got a lot going on with school starting and moving, but I hope we can do some traveling again soon!

Hopefully, by the end of October, we should be back in our house. We lost our home to a fire before Christmas and have spent the past nine months living in an apartment while our home is being rebuilt. There’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel and we should be home soon! You can read about our experience on Tribe Magazine and Mother Hustle. Our ordeal has also been the inspiration for a class project, which I may use to build a memoir of sorts. Since becoming a mom, I hoped to write a humorous motherhood memoir, but now I hope that I can share how we’ve managed to overcome such a difficult experience in case it might be helpful for other people.

And on top of everything else that I have going on, I’ve finally outlined all of Cookie… all I need to do now is tell her story! I’m excited to share it with you, so I better get busy!

In the meantime, I’m celebrating my birthday by giving away Here We Go free this weekend on Kindle! Go grab yours on Amazon!

Happy Fall!


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