Jessica Goodwin is an author, blogger, and freelance writer who lives in the Washington, D.C. area. She has written five novels and hundreds of articles.

Two of Jessica’s books, ‘Here We Go’ and ‘The One Who Got Away’ have appeared on the Amazon bestseller list. In March 2012, her book, ‘One of the Guys’ received an Honorable Mention in Sapphire Star Publishing’s Month of Romance contest. Her fourth book, ‘Clarissa Jean, Homecoming Queen,’ was released in May 2016. And even though she’s juggling a toddler and grad school, she just wrapped up book number five!

Jessica’s blog posts and articles have appeared on several parenting sites such as Scary Mommy, Mamalode, Mother Hustle, and Tribe Magazine. Additionally, she has written articles for the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Falls Church News Press. For fun, she blogs about her family’s adventures at Go With The Goodwins.

Jessica is currently studying Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard University Extension School.